How to get rid of neck pain?

Lot many people have neck pain at some time in life. Nowadays most of them are using computers sit in one place. . To get rid of neck pain one has to maintain good posture exercise regularly stretch frequently. Work for long hours causes strain in neck and shoulder muscles by over use or misuse. More commonly seen in dancers heavy load lifters on shoulders are overhead gymnastics computer operators. Neck pain is seen in both genders but more common in males than females.

How to get rid of neck pain?

Neck pain is broadly classified into 3 categories

1 Non specific neck pain: Where the pain is seen only in the neck area. The reason could be wrong posture while sleeping. It can be relieved by rest ice pack for one day. Hot water fermentation for 2 twice a day. If not reduce they can use nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs like hifenac pee.

2 Cervical radiculopathy :this is a condition where there’s Bony changes. There will be disk compression due to stress on the cervical bones which are called cervical vertebra the reason is due to injury prolonged travelling. The symptoms presents with pain in the neck often radiating to arms and legs it has pain numbness and weakness of muscles.

3 Cervical myelopathy: the individual presents with numbness in the net and arm region they also complain of coordination get issues and grip weakness. 

How to get rid of neck pain at home?

Neck pain is a common condition which is aggravated when neglected at the initial stages of pain. There are several causes of neck pain. Some of which are sleeping wrong. Continuous working on computer laptop bad posture while lifting heavyweights travelling long distances.

Heating pad at home

Some of the modalities we can use at home are

1 Use of hot and cold pack

In the initial stages of neck pain it is advisable to use cold pack for 15 to 20 minutes for 2 to 3 times a day any local analgesic Interment can be applied on the pain area for 2 times are 3 times a day. Then they can also use hot water fermentation using air rubber bag on the pain area for 15 to 20 minutes over a period of 2 to 3 times a day.

2 Simple neck exercises to do at home

neck exercises

Next front and backward bending but 10 times twice daily

Next side bending left and right for 10 times

Next side rotation left and right for 10 times

3 Shoulder shrugging for 10 times

Stretching exercises at home trapezius stretch hold one hand on top of your head one hand on shoulder pull ear head other side with your top hand. 

4. Pain medication: medicatation can be consumed twice daily for 3 days anti inflammatory drugs like aceclofenac pee can be used for 3 days.

Sleeping position

lying on your back can be best sleeping position when you have neck pain you are neck is supported by a pillow and you are lower leg is supported by a pillow

What causes of neck pain?

Neck is the most mobile part in the human body it is having 7 vertebras in the neck it supports the weight of the head main causes of neck pain are:

muscle strain and tension

People tend to work long hours by sitting in one position without taking break break. this will lead to strain in the neck muscles.

Bad sleeping posture also one of the causes of neck pain people face because they sleep in abnormal posture for long to ration which may lead to pain in the Nick neck.

Long distance travelling in vehicle or car

Using mobile phones for long duration in one position

Jerking your neck while performing exercise without taking proper precautions


Sudden fall from height on the neck region causing fracture of the 

Heavy weight lifting on the head and shoulder

Car vehicle accidents that can cause injury to the neck

Playing football or basketball sports involve rapid neck movements that can strain your neck muscles.

Heart attack:

During heart attack there will be shortness of breath sweating nasea vomiting, arm or jaw pain neck pain.

Meningitis: It is the inflammation of the tissue that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Which sometimes causes neck pain.

Other causes of neck pain are

– Rheumatoid arthritis,

Fybromialgia – fibromyalgia is a syndrome causing widespread pain, tenderness, Fatigue the symptoms of fibromyalgia are neck pain and stiffness are commonly experienced.

– Cervical Spondylosis

– Have nation of disk causing disk prolapse

– Spinal stenosis.

How to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong?

Sleeping wrong is one of the communist causes of acute neck pain that causes in many individuals. This pain may extend to a week sometimes when care is not taken. Symptoms of Nick Payne one experience is stiff in the neck pain and tenderness over the neck region

To get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong we can follow the below methods

1 Using hot pack for 15 to 20 minutes in the pain area for 3 to 4 times a day. This will help the muscles to relax, increase blood circulation over that area. Flexibility increases thereby stiffness reduces which in turn reduces pain.

2 Use of local application of diclofenac gel to the pain area to relieve pain and stiffness

3. Mild massage with coconut oil to relieve stress and an tension in the neck machines

For mild stretching of the neck muscles from side to side bending and from left to right neck rotation


During sleeping lying on your back, head and shoulders comfortably supported with one pillow come to pillows just below the knees.

Lying on one side of the body. One pillow under the head. And one pillow between the two legs to reduce to align the body in straight line show Neck will be well supported.

Lying on your tummy can increase in your symptoms of neck pain and spasm. So avoid this position as much as possible.

How is cervical Spondylosis of neck treated?

Spondylosis is a condition related with variant air of word April joints. There’s Bonnie changes seen the X Ray slash MI slash city scan.

Cervical Spondylosis is very common with age.

Symptoms of a cervical Spondylosis include :

– Tingling, numbness and weakness in your arms hands legs and fat next time

– Lack of coordination and difficulty walking

– Loss of bladder or bowel control.

How do I loosen up my neck muscles?

Management is by physiotherapy and NSAIDs, good posture maintenance is very much important.


Using Ultra sound therapy for loosening and relaxing the neck muscles and to increase blood circulation reduce pain and swelling.

Using interferential therapy to improve mobility Improve mobility and relieve pain around the neck muscles

Use of hot and cold pack intermittently for 4 to 5 times a day for 3 days.

Neck mobility exercises to increase blood circulation in the neck region

Neck isometrics to maintain strength and weak muscles time

Maintain good posture while using laptop computer while sleeping using mobile and other equipments

How do I know my neck pain is serious?

Many times neck pain will resolve on its own within 2 weeks. In few cases it is advisable to see a doctor when individual complaints of

– severe neck pain

– no relief even after rest hot water fermentation and use of NSE ID.

– radiating down arms or legs.

– other symptoms include headache Kama weakness, numbness or tingling sensation in the arm.

Additional symptoms can include fever, headache, nausea,  unexplained drowsiness, Confusion or mood swings, unexplained weight loss.

Traumatic injury: examples include car collisions, driving accidents, or falls.

Muscle weakness weakness in an arm or leg are trouble walking may be a sign of more serious problem

High fever: if you have severe neck pain with high fever you might have to visit doctor immediately.

How long does stiff neck last?

Stiff neck is not a severe condition to go to a doctor. Stiff neck is having difficulty or pain in moving your neck from one point to another. Stiffness can also have headache and pain in shoulder. Stiff neck can take a few days to few weeks depending upon the swear tea after problem. For recovering from  a stiff neck can be annoying sometimes.

You can just give your neck a bit of time tourist. So that the damaged tissue can heal by itself. Avoid moving your neck too much during the painful initial days up stiff neck. Hot water fermentation can be given. Local diclofenac ointment to be applied 2 relax and loosen the muscles around the neck.

What does a pinched nerve in the neck feel like?

 A pinched nerve in the neck may feel like pins and needles along the arm. It may also cause pain and weakness in the shoulder, arm, or hand. In severe cases require medical care. But if your symptoms are mild, you can try exercises for a pinched nerve in the neck.

Shoulder shrugging and chin tucking exrecises has to be done.

How to get rid of shoulder and neck pain?

Shoulder and neck pain can be treated at home.

  1. Give rest to the neck without straining much.
  2. Use an ice pack on the area for the first three days after your pain starts. …
  3. Apply heat using a heating pad or warm compress.
  4. Take NSAID pain killers.

Exercises that are performed at home for neck pain:

Trapezius Stretch

Trapezius stretch

Patient can sit or stand erect

Gently push your head with your hand opposite side add counter pressure over the head hold this position for 3 seconds repeat 3 * 3 sets

Sternocledo mastoid stretch

Patient can sit or stand gently bend your neck same side rotate your head opposite side hold it for 10 seconds repeat 10 Times* 3 sets

Range of motion exercise patient can sit are stand gently move the head up and down then gently move the head side to side hold for 10 counts repeat 10 times, 3 sets isometric exercises

Isometric neck exercises

Static neck exercises

Sit in chair

 press your palm against your forehead

Resist with your neck

 Do this right left front back

 Hold for 10 counts

 Repeat for 10 times 3 sets

Chin tuck

chin tuck

Patient in sitting position upright position hold your head in line with your body move ear chin forward and backward to upright position hold for 10 counts repeat 10 times 3 sets

 active neck mobilisation exercises patient in sitting or standing

 patient slowly rotate your head all the way clockwise and anticlockwise repeat 10 * 3 sets

 Shoulder shrug

shoulder shrug

Patient in sitting or standing position

Lift the shoulder up down front back

Repeat 10 times 3 sets


Maintain good posture

Gentle stretching

Use butterfly pillow

Cervical pillow

Smooth massage

Support neck with colour


Avoid rolling your neck too much

Avoid neck bending down too much

Avoid one side talking on phone

Avoid using hard many pillow while sleeping.

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