How to reduce knee pain?

Knee pain is the commonest problem which is faced by people of all ages. There are several ways to reduce knee pain like home remedies physiotherapy walking anti-inflammatory drugs in the final stages of knee pain surgery is recommended. The best way to understand knee pain is by knowing its causes of knee pain could be ligament injury wear and tear of cartilage and sureness bursitis of patellofemoral bursitis.

knee pain while walking

How to reduce knee pain while walking

 Walking is the best wave of cardiovascular exercise. walking helps in overall body workout. It is important to walk at least 30 minutes brisk walk daily.

Benefits of walking

reduce knee pain

Supports your joints while walking there is increase in blood circulation for the cartilage as there is no direct blood supply to the cartilage hands walking helps in supplying the blood to them

Gain strength by walking. The knee muscles get used by movement it there thereby gets strengthened once the muscles are get strengthened degeneration decreases.

Lose weight by walking for 30 minutes brisk every day there is chances of losing weight due to increase in cardiovascular activity 250 to 300 calories is burnt every day de because of weight loss the load on the knee joint decreases and pain will be reduced.

Improves sleep by walking for longer duration as body gets exercised, body gets tired which will be easier to get sleep.

Slows down mental degeneration, as it gets good amount of oxygen to the brain, the brain activity improves.

Is walking good for bad knees?

The answer for  this is walking good for bad knees is yes. walking for 5 mins is good.Because it keeps the person active, self dependent, keeps the bones and muscles strong and healthy. There should be proper precautions taken, before walking, one should strengthen leg muscles, use hot /cold water formentation. Long distance walking and walking in uneven surfaces has to be avoided.

Knees suddenly started hurting

Why has my knees suddenly started hurting?

Knees get hurt suddenly because of  sudden twist in the knee joint while walking or climbing stairs, sudden fall on the leg.

Sudden causes of knee Pain: Knee pain that appears out of nowhere may seem like it couldn’t be related to an injury. But the knee is a tricky body part. It consists of many parts that can become:

  • stretched out
  • worn
  • aggravated
  • partially torn
  • fully ruptured

These are some of the reasons why knee start hurting suddenly. so it is important to take care of our body regularly by maintaining balance and strength.

How to reduce knee pain naturally?

 There are various conditions of knee pain knee pain can be reduced naturally by using some of the modalities like hot and cold pack exercises good nutrition yoga physical therapy uses of tropical application acupuncture and massage

Use of hot and cold pack

During the initial stages of the pain it is good to use cold pack and when there is swelling in the knee joint it is always good to use cold pack for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not apply ice pack directly on the skin as it may cause ice burns so always cover it with a cloth and then place it on the skin.

For chronic pain to get relief it is good to to use hot pack on the knee joint hot pack can be taken 3 to 4 times a day for a duration of 10 to 15 minutes daily it is also used by covering a moist cloth on a dry hot pack.

Exercises are great way to reduce knee pain naturally it strengthens the surrounding muscles increases blood circulation improves flexibility increases endurance releases endorphins which makes the person feel good in whatever painful situation individual is with it helps with weight loss some of the exercises that can be done are walking cycling swimming stair climbing.

How do I know my knee needs surgery?

There are four stages in the knee pain

1. Minor

2. Mild

3. Moderate

4. Severe

In the minor stage of of knee pain there is less wear and tear of the knee joint pain is also less and comes on and off

In mild stage the diagnostic x-ray shows bonus per growth still maintaining the normal joint space here people appear symptoms of joint pain stiffness after sitting for long duration pain in and around the knee treatment for this condition is not simple and essay ideas Tailored set of exercises for strengthening and flexibility training .

In the moderate stage there is obvious erosion in the the cartilage reduced joint space where in the bones develops purse at the joints as it becomes rough

Symptoms are stiffness in the morning they may be popping or snapping sounds when walking running squatting walking will be difficult in this stage.

Medical management is required here it is treated by 3 to 5 injections of hyaluronic acid over three to five weeks time which may take several Weeks for the treatment to start showing results

Severe pain the joint space between the bones considerably reduced with the decrease in synovial fluid that causes friction greater pain and discomfort when walking or moving the joints.

Treatment for this condition is joint arthroscopy, total knee replacement.

How to reduce knee pain in old age?

It is important to follow exercise routine be active involved in activities that keep them busy and interesting.  Add calcium preparations to your diet. Milk is a rich source of calcium so you can add milk products to your daily intake. It helps you make your bones stronger and getting rid of knee pain or any kind of joint pain. one can use hot water fermentation exercises diet nutrition yoga physiotherapy are some of the alternative ways to reduce knee pain in old age these are explained in detail above..

When pain is severe, swelling around the joint, instability in the knee, pain in the night then it is necessary to take orthopaedic consultation

What helps knee pain in the night?

Knee pain in the night can be reduced by usage of a hot and cold pack just before sleeping good exercise 3 litres of water everyday light massage in and around the joint using oil or face powder a healthy and nutritious diet and staying active throughout the day causes a good night’s sleep and doing mild stretching so that muscles go into relaxation and you can have a 5 to 10 minutes up relaxed meditation exercise also.

  • Meditation to relax the body : Anxiety, stress, and depression are all common complications of conditions that involve chronic pain, such as arthritis. Meditation can be used to relax the body and mind, by doing deep breathing exercises. mantra chanting makes the mind calm and positive. This lowers the stress and enabling you to cope knee pain with it better. Doing pranayama also increase vital energy, that is analoma viloma pranayama.

How to reduce knee pain with exercise?

Physical therapy focuses on the body’s ability to engage in movement. Movement can be anything from getting in and out of chairs to climbing stairs, walking in your neighborhood, playing a sport or doing recreational activities. Physiotherapy helps in reducing knee pain by doing exercises.

The goals of physiotherapy are as follows

  • Improving the mobility and restoring the use of affected joints,  
  • Increasing strength to support the joints,  
  • Maintaining fitness, 
  • Preserving the ability to perform daily activities.  

Static quadriceps

Static quadriceps exercise

Person is lying down on the bed place a towel roll under the knees press the towel and hold for 10 counts repeat it for 10 times

Static hamstrings

lying down on the bed place a towel roll under the heel press the towel and hold for 10 counts repeat 10 times 3 sets

Straight leg raising

straight leg raising exercise

Supine Lying, bend one leg, take support of bent leg and lift the other leg. Hold it for 10 counts. Bring it down and

repeat for 10times and 3 sets

Hamstring stretch

  1. Supine lying position.
  2. Extend your right leg with your knee slightly bent.
  3. Then place the towel on your toes and hold the towel with your hands, lift the leg straight up.
  4. You may hold your lower leg for support, but don’t force the stretch.
  5. Hold for 10 seconds and work up to 30 seconds.
Hamstring Stretch

Hip Abduction

Side lying position. One hand on the mat, one hand away from the body. Lift the top leg up as much as possible. Hold for 10 counts . Then slowly bring it down. Repeat it for 3 sets

Hip abduction

Lying down on the bed side ways. Lift your leg up and hold it for 10 counts then bring it down repeat for 10 three sets.

Vastus medialis obliqus exercise

Vastus medialis obliqus exercise

Lying down on the bed place the towel roll below between the knees lift the hip high above from the bed hold for 10 counts repeat 10 times 3 sets.

Wall squat

Wall squat

Individual is asked to lean on the wall with legs apart then slide up and down on the wall.

Knee bending exercise

knee bending

To perform this exercise while lying down prop yourself up with a pillow then slowly bend your knee by sliding against your mat, towards your body, hold the position for 5 to 10 counts.

Important things to do

Use of hot and cold pack

Warmup and cool down exercises before and after starting

Equal weight on both sides of the legs


Regular exercises

Static cycling and


Not to do things while having knee pain

Avoid increase in body weight

Avoid taking too much of rest

Avoid cross leg sitting

Avoid full squatting

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